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Cheryl Cole Takes Inspiration from Tina Turner

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Cheryl Cole is releasing her second solo album later this year and it is going to be under her married name!

Cheryl’s decided the title of her CD will be Cheryl Cole as she feels the most successful period of her career has been under that name. She knows she is established in Europe under that name so going back to her maiden name may be too confusing for her fans.

Legend Tina Turner may have been the inspiration as she kept husband Ike’s name after their divorce and it never did the soul diva any harm, Tina turner may not have reached the heights of fame with the name Anna Mae Bullock!

Cheryl who is a fan of Tina Turner, knows that Tina kept her married name as that was the name she was better known as and Cheryl feels she should do the same.

Whatever the name, Wags-Blog can’t wait to hear her new material.

Cheryl And Del Boy Are Officially An Item!

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough are officially an item! OK, it probably isn’t a shock for most of the nation but the couple have finally gone public with their relationship.

Derek Hough behind the wheel; Is he old enough to drive?

X Factor choreographer Brian Freidman had been in touch with Cheryl and Derek over in LA and said

I’m very close with them both. They’re amazing people and they make a great couple. I thought they would make a good couple, and I’m so pleased to say they do. They’re very, very cute together. Cheryl and Derek both seem incredibly happy right now – that’s all I can say.

Brian also went onto spill the beans about the new series of The X Factor saying how terrible it was not having Cheryl there for some of the auditions and boot camp. Stating he had just finished filming he said it was strange just having the male judges.

X Factor: Dannii, Simon and Cheryl are joined by Brian Friedman

He perked up though when he said both Dannii and Cheryl would be back for filming at the judges houses, he then went onto to say that he thought they would both be pleased with the groups that they’ve been given but he couldn’t say who has what though!

Think Brian has said quite enough already!

L'Oreal Think Cheryl Cole is Worth it!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Cheryl Cole has landed a deal to front beauty brand L’Oreal Paris.

The X Factor judge known for her wavy locks is going to promote L’Oreal’s new hair product called Elvive Full Restore 5.

Cheryl said of the campaign: “I have always loved the brand and have always wanted to say the iconic phrase: ‘Because you’re worth it,’ so to be given that opportunity is absolutely amazing.”

Well what girl hasn’t stood in front of the mirror, throwing her hair around and saying ‘because you’re worth it’?? – No, oh just me then!!

L’Oreal Paris’s general manager said: “Cheryl is a glamorous, stylish and talented young woman whose warmth and charm has captivated the nation and helped to establish her as an inspiration to women throughout the UK.”

Plus you just know that if Cheryl Cole is fronting a campaign the product is going to fly off the shelves, we’d try anything to get that hair!

The Geordie lass is fast becoming a brand herself what with lucrative ad campaign and solo album on the way, it must be great being Cheryl Cole!!

Cheryl Cole Talks X Factor

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Cheryl Cole opens up a about this year’s X Factor and last year’s winner Alexandra Burke.

Cheryl who is reportedly mentoring the girls again this year, says: “I obviously love the girls, the whole process of being girly, the clothes, the styling etc. I always give it my very best.”

She adds: “(But) I’m at a slight advantage to the other judges as I’ve been in the process before (with Girls Aloud) so maybe I can be more considerate at times.”

Cheryl also goes on to say that she has been supporting last year’s winner Alexandra whilst she records her new album:

“Alex has been in the US working on it, she absolutely loves everything that has happened to her since she won the show last year. She has this amazing enthusiasm for everything – she’s like an excited bunny rabbit.”

Cheryl Cole and the gang are back on our screens this very Saturday!!…I’m very excited, can you tell?!

WAG Fashionista of the Week: Dannii Minogue

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Dannii Minogue is coming back for a fashion fight, outshining Cheryl Cole at X Factor boot camp yesterday.

Oh isn’t it fun, I love that there are now two fashionistas on The X Factor, it is so going to be more about what they wear this year than the singing!

Despite usually being on form, Cheryl Cole was beaten in the fashion stakes by fellow judge Dannii Minogue yesterday.

Dannii wore a pair of shiny high-waisted shorts with a black sheer blouse, black tights and lovely but very high platform heels. Perfect choice, very classy!

I personally can’t wait till The X Factor gets started, although my favourite bit is The Xtra Factor, just love Holly Willoughby. What’s your X Factor highlight??

WAG Fashionista of the Week: Cheryl Cole

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Cheryl Cole is as we know a style icon and so I should probably give another WAG props for their fashion choice…

.. But I simply couldn’t dismiss this gorgeous little dress Cheryl wore at one of the recent X Factor auditions.

The block coloured mini-dress fitted with a belt, is a key style for this season and the green peep-toe stilettos are very cute too.

We are also enjoying Cheryl’s change in hair style, the extensions are still there but she is opting for much straighter locks for this series.

Cheryl being quite the pro, understands the need (as a style icon) to keep her look fresh!

What do you think of Cheryl Cole’s X-Factor outfits, or are you appreciating Dannii Minogue’s fashion choices more??

Happy Birthday Cheryl Cole!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The nation’s favourite WAG turned 26 on Tuesday, so this birthday wish is a little belated!

Cheryl Cole celebrated her Birthday working (if you can call it that) on The X Factor.

The singer was surprised with a bouquet of flowers, balloon and cake shaped like a dog from her hubby during the auditions.

Cheryl threw a big birthday bash at the Fitzrovia club in London last night to celebrate.

The star was joined by many guests including her Girls Aloud pals, fellow judges and last year’s X Factor finalists Alexandra Burke and Diana Vickers to name a few.

The WAG looked gorgeous in a beautiful, (if not a little daring) see through Alexander McQueen dress reported to be worth £4,000.

And the smile on Cheryl Cole’s face could not be wavered all day, must be pretty cushty to be her right now!!

Cheryl Cole Spends £100,000 to Look This Good?

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

It has been reported that Cheryl Cole spends rather a lot on her appearance, £100,000 to be exact.

I always knew Cheryl’s pristine appearance had to come at a price, no one looks this good without a little help.

So what is Cheryl spending her hard earned money on…

Well firstly there’s those trademark hair extensions that set her back £9,000 a year. Then there’s the £14,000 for her personal trainer to keep her in shape (shouldn’t Ashley be able to do that?!)

But it doesn’t stop there, Cheryl also pays a stylist £30,000 a year to maintain her fashion icon status and £12,000 a year on a dietician.

Wowsa!! And that’s without the cost of all her cosmetics, false eyelashes and tanning products.

it’s true what they say beauty really does come at a price and a very expensive one at that!

Cheryl Cole Splashes Out on her Swimwear!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

It has been reported that Cheryl Cole’s all-in-one swimsuit set her back £375…Wowsa!

Since my new bikinis come from Primark you won’t mind me being a little taken a back by Cheryl’s latest purchase.

The WAG has been papped sunning herself in the South of France with hubby Ashley Cole wearing the rather stunning one-piece.

The suit is from the Odabash’s swimwear collection, is lime green and has silver mirrors embellished on it. There’s no denying the costume is gorgeous, but worth £375, we’re not so sure!

Cheryl Cole is also showing off some pretty impressive abs whilst on holiday, but still pretty tiny…Damn, oh well back to the gym it is!

Meanwhile Coleen Rooney has been showing off her bloomin bikini body in Barbados this week… All I can say is she’s a braver lady than I am.

WAGs Bikini Diets Revealed!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Despite the weather right now, it is believe it or not the start of the summer season and with that comes beach holidays and the dreaded bikini reveal.

The question is have you started your bikini diet and shape-up? If not help is at hand in the form of your favourite WAGs.

Kelly Brook and Carly Zucker reveal what they do to get back in to shape for summer, whether it is achievable though is another question all together.

I think it’s fair to say that Kelly Brook has the body envied by most women and admits that she doesn’t have to do much to stay trim.

However, after apparently gaining a few pounds on holiday recently, the WAG used a juice and vegetable diet to shed a few pounds.

A source said: “She’s not drinking alcohol and has done an organic detox for a week.”

Whatever works for you Kel, but we didn’t even notice you’d gained any weight.

Joe Cole’s fiancee Carly Zucker is another WAG who makes sure she is always in great shape, this may have something to with her being a personal trainer of course.

Carly swears by Bikram Yoga sessions to burn calories and get toned. The classes involve doing 26 intense poses in 41°C heat – increases the heart rate for a more intense workout and can burn up to 600 calories an hour.

Carly says: “Being in a warm environment relaxes your muscles, so you stretch more.”

Sounds great sign me up, I mean how hard can doing a few poses be anyway… We’ll let you know when we’ve tried it!

In the meantime I’m struggling on with my salads, spinning and endless bottles of water to try and get my bikini bod in tact.

We’d love to know what you’re doing in the run up to your holidays??